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My Thoughts On Natural Child Birth

My oldest baby turns three today. Here are a few pics JP snapped of me just before delivery. Sans drugs or paper cuts. Impressive–I know.
I probably could’ve used an epidural or two during the arduous three plus years of labor, but it is true what they say; once your baby is born, you forget about the pain of giving birth. Let Me Fall is no exception.

Now, three years later, I am still moved by the outpouring of love and support shown during the release of Let Me Fall. Especially from the likes of these two guys, who I can only assume are currently tossing around a football with Jesus and are severely missed.

“Big Jules” Derrick at the first book signing.
Big Jules
Kevin Childs’ Amazon review.
Kevin's Review

It’s been sweet to reminisce over pictures and Amazon reviews these last few days. Sweeter still is when I get a random message that God is currently using Let Me Fall to speak to someone. I think every parent desires their children to contribute to society; to, in some way, shape, or form, leave their mark. God can do what he will with Let Me Fall, but my prayer is that my baby grows up to impact many. And that God will give Let Me Fall more siblings.

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April 1, 2016  2 Comments

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