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Big Girl Pants

I don’t know how you parents do it! Handle any type of rejection from your children, that is.

I’ve been staying the week with one of my brothers and his family near Chicago. He and my sister-in-law have two small boys, ages 55 months and 33 months (for all the parents out there who still recite ages in those terms). Since we live so far apart, I’m really only able to see them about once a year; which is like a decade in kid-world. So I really can’t blame them for taking a while to warm up to Auntie Beff, a.k.a. Mr. Narney-head. After all, a good stranger-danger-ometer is an important tool for every child to possess.

The pathetic part is that I’ve had to remind myself several times that I am the adult. No, I should not give them the silent treatment when they don’t want to give me a hug before nap time. No, I should not shove them onto the floor after they accidentally mash my fingers in the midst of an epic toy car crash. No, I should not burst into uncontrollable tears when they don’t want me to be the one to slice their hot dog at the dinner table. It turns out that the biggest baby is none other than yours truly, the 376 month-old.

It has taken me a few days, but I’m finally seeing that I need to put on my big-girl pants. Which means that I get to cherish the awesome moments I’ve already had. Like my nephews waiting for me outside the bathroom door so we can play together some more. And like last night, when I got to put them both to bed. There was no making fun of my wobbly voice singing “Jesus Loves Me.” They both wanted me to pull up the covers nice and tight. No stuffed animals were chucked in my direction after I professed my love to the sleepy-eyed duo. So I’m pretty sure I can call that a success.

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  1. Debbie S. Richardson

    Glad you are having some quality time with your family……Have fun but hurry home. Miss your smile as you wander in to see your Hubby! Love ya! Mean it!

  2. Kelly

    I so understand you! Last summer I went to see my sister and my nephew right after they got back from AZ visiting my brother-in-law’s family. So on top of being tired from that trip, my nephew did not want anything to do with me. All I would do is look at him and he’d yell “NO!” at me. I couldn’t go near him, help him, hold him, nothing. Then the night before I left (after being there for at least 5 days) he started to warm up to me. Then the morning that I left he was in his parents’ room (having slept there all night) and they were awake and playing on the bed. I came out of the bedroom and he saw me and goes “Aunt Kelly!!!” wiggles off the bed and runs to me. We play match box toy cars in his room for about an hour and then I had to leave. The whole week I threw a fit b/c he didn’t want anything to do with me and even told my sister she better do something about how rude he can be (he was only 3 years old). Then when he finally warmed up to me, I cried because I was leaving. This last visit he wanted only his Aunt Kelly. Mom couldn’t do anything for him, it had to be me.!!!!

  3. Teresa Russell

    Love it! When did you get so wise? You must have grown up! Have fun with your family.

  4. The fact that you know how old you are in months blows my mind! 🙂 Have a great time with fam!

  5. Carolyn Trucano

    Grandmom and Granddad had to endure the times for them to “warm up” to us, for exactly the same reasons. Hence, we’ve been reminded again to cherish the awesome moments we’ve already had with our “grands”. Yes, you were a success, and you can be sure there will be questions asked of Mama and Dada (after you’re gone)like “When will Aunt Beff be here again?”

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