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Bronte Family Showdown: Charlotte VS Emily

I re-watched one of my all time favorite books in movie form last night—the newest film adaptation of Jane Eyre. It got me thinking just how different the two famous sister authors were and that I would love to see how each sister fared if they competed in a Celebrity Deathmatch or an Epic Rap Battle of History.

I’ve taken a moment to put my thoughts on each book into picture form.

The way I feel about Jane Eyre:

The way I feel about Wuthering Heights:

I’ll leave you, dear reader, with one of my favorite quotes and a question.

The quote:
“Because,” He said, “I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you—especially when you are near to me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous Channel, and two hundred miles or so of land, come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapped; and then I’ve a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly.” – Mr. Rochester to Jane, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

The question:
Which sister would you want to win? I think my choice is fairly obvious.

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  1. Without a doubt, Charlotte and her Jane Eyre. I can’t make it through Wuthering Heights. Does that make me a bad writer-girl? 🙂

    How did you like the new adaptation? I enjoyed it!

    • beth

      No, it doesn’t make you a bad writer-girl! Wuthering Heights was the most tedious and depressing book I’ve ever read struggled through.

      I really, really like the new adaptation! Except the ending leaves a little something to be desired compared to the book…

  2. I MADE myself finish Wuthering Heights. And then I chucked it across the room. Right then and there, I decided that if I EVER felt that way in the middle of a book again (you know, felt like I was rotting from the inside out from all the whining and self-hating I was absorbing through my fingers), I’d give myself permission to set the book down and never look back.

    Jane Eyre is a book that I could call my best friend. Love that quote, Beth. I also liked the new movie adaptation, but I–on purpose–invited a friend who’d never seen or read JE–to watch it with me, and she was TOTALLY lost. It’s only great for fans. I had to pause 913 times, and I felt sorry for inviting her. (I should’ve shown her the 2007 Ruth Wilson/Toby Stephens version.)

    I loaned her the book after that and apologized. Maybe we’ll try again later.

    Also, there’s another Bronte sister.

    • beth

      Hahahahaha! Well said regarding Wuthering Heights!

      I agree–the movie is great for fans. I also paused it numerous times to fill in my friend who was watching with me…

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