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Confession with a Touch of Irony

Today I am guest posting over at my friend Allison’s blog: The Budget Maven. I wasn’t even aware that maven was a word until I met her. She doesn’t know this yet, but in a normal world, we would never have been friends. Why? Well, she won 1st place in the same blog competition I won 3rd place in. I am capable of great internal yuckiness, and jealousy often leads the pack.

But God can work in ironic ways (and I love it). Allison is now a cherished friend. She has an amazing wit and she writes the sweetest letters to her soon-to-be-born son Finn. And this woman is wonderfully thrifty!

So check out my guest blog today, but do more than that. Make The Budget Maven a regular read on your blog roll.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I love you, Beth! I’m glad that God had us cross paths, even if it was due to a battle of epic proportions at Blue Ridge. 🙂

    • beth

      I second that. And I love you! 🙂

  2. Oh, you two just make me smile. I confess that as those awards were announced, I was on pins and needles for both of you wanting both to win and knowing only one could grab the coveted #1 spot. You are both immense blessings with unique gifts. I look forward to watching you in the years ahead and marveling at how the Lord is using both of you to minister to the young women in your lives. I rejoice every time I think of you and your future ministries! <3

    • beth

      I feel I can speak for Allison when I say you are a blessing to us!

  3. Loved the guest post, Beth.

    I left a comment over there, but you know I can’t be left out over here when you’re talking to Allison and chatting it up with Carol Anne. Me, me, me …

    Also love your honesty, as always. Helps me to be more honest with myself and my ever-so-small, teeny tiny internal yuckiness. Stop laughing! It’s barely noticeable. 🙂

    Love you lots!

    • beth

      Thanks for reading and, as usual, making me laugh. Love you!

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