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I’m stealing this idea from my blogger friend Allison, who stole it from her blogger friend. Such a vicious cycle.

Watching: I’m ashamed to admit I will be going to the 10:10 showing of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 tonight. Don’t hate. My excuse is that I’m a hopeless romantic who fell in love with the story through the books. And yes, even though my book is based on the despair I felt immediately after finishing the Twilight Saga, I’m still going to see the movie. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment.

Listening to: Film Scores Radio on Pandora. What else is there?

Thinking about: Book covers. What do I want mine to look like? How can I make it rock? How can I keep it from looking like some of the not-so-professional self-published books out there? (Believe me, you can spot the cruddy ones from a mile away.)
LLC’s and S Corps. And how not to tick off the IRS. Or just stay out of their radar all together.
Distributors & distribution. Wholesale discounts and returns. Blah, blah, blah.

Looking forward to: Helping little girls be crafty at my friend’s daughter’s birthday party tomorrow night.

Reading: My friend Halee’s second novel and Eldest, the 2nd book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. Halee’s novel is great so far! Christopher Paolini’s—well; I’ll just say it’s a far cry from one of my favorite books of all time, The Lord of the Rings.

Making me happy: The silver nail polish I bought last night. I know. It really doesn’t take much.

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  1. Nail polish makes me happy too. But I usually only paint my toenails. My fingernails are overwhelming when they’re colorful.

    • beth

      I should tell you that your awesome gray nail polish was my inspiration. 🙂

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