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Deja Vu

My Aunt Lynda passed away last December. The pain of my family’s loss is still sharp.

Among other things, Lynda was a listener. When she asked you something, she really cared about your answer. She was also one of the greatest encouragers and prayer warriors I knew.

While I was at a writer’s conference this past May, I was part of a non-fiction practicum. The first time I heard Carol Ann speak up in our small group, I was floored. The sound of her voice and manner of speech made me feel my aunt was in the room. I liked her instantly.

The last morning of the conference rolled around and everyone was saying their goodbyes. I hugged Carol Ann. Slightly embarrassed over a rush of emotions, I told her about her uncanny resemblance to my aunt.

It turns out Carol Ann shares more with Aunt Lynda than vocal tone and inflection. She’s also a listener, and an excellent encourager and prayer warrior. I am happy to know and love two women as great as these.

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  1. YOU made me CRY again today. I know you still miss your sweet, sweet aunt. I am so sorry she is lost to you but so thankful it is only for a season. I am humbled to have any resemblance to her at all. <3

  2. Carolyn Trucano

    I am so thankful that Carol Anne came into your life to take up the role of listener, prayer warrior, and to encourage you, Beth. She sounds like a special lady – bless you, Carol Anne. And yes, we still miss your Aunt Lynda. Beautiful blog, Beth.

  3. I’ve recently met Carol Anne on Facebook. I so enjoy her sense of humor and her openness.

    I’m happy to be growing a circle of writer friends who are warm, caring and encouraging.

    So happy we met!

  4. Shoot, I had one more thing to say.

    So happy we met, all three of us!

    There you go. I’m finished.

    • beth

      I am too! The three of us need to get together.

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