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In honor of our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday, I’ll be sharing a series of Jerimiah and Beth firsts.

1st time I caught a fish:
Our fishing date beneath the Floral City Bridge. It was a 26 pound bass. Okay, it wasn’t.

1st movie together:
Mission Impossible

1st time there was electricity between us:
When Jerimiah touched the electric fence next to him, then grabbed my arm. He didn’t know I was petting the horse. The horse pretty much hated me after that.

1st major argument:
During my leg of the mountainous drive to our honeymoon destination.

1st time I thought Jerimiah was going to get killed:
Watching him scale a cliff on our honeymoon.

1st time we were asked if we were old enough to drink coffee:
During our stay at a Bed & Breakfast on our honeymoon.

1st time Jerimiah gave me guilty puppy-dog eyes:
When he came home with a brand new computer and Circuit City credit card.

1st time Jerimiah’s wedding band broke:
Five months after we got married. He’s on his fifth now.

1st pet:
Herbert—a.k.a. Herbie or the Herb—the Siamese fighting fish. He was a stout fellow who died not long after making the move to South Carolina in the cab of our Uhaul.

We’ve had some great firsts. My dream first is for both of us to live long enough to ask the cashier at Walgreens for directions to the liquid Geritol. (We’ll be hand-in-hand the whole time.)

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  1. Aww, that’s all so sweet. Love it! Happy anniversary a day late!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love this post. You two are so cute!

  3. Debbie S. Richardson

    Happy 13th! More to come!

  4. Kayla

    You both are so adorable!! Happy Anniversary!

  5. I just love this sweet walk down your memory lane! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Carolyn Trucano

    You all are cute – gosh, you were so YOUNG in that first picture – your sophomore year (1996) in high school? Even then, you all were in love – even if you didn’t realize it then! May you not only have many more to come, but I hope you live long enough to walk hand-in-hand down the aisle in Walgreens to get to the liquid Geritol! Love you guys!

  7. Kathy Reesey

    Do you two even KNOW what Geritol is??!?! Haha! Love the stories…those are good memories 🙂 Hugs!

  8. May Trucano

    What a clever way to write about your memories!! Love that first picture. Can it be you were once that young? You’ve come a long way, sweet thing – thirteen years! Wow! May your marriage always be Christ-centered!
    Love you both,
    Grandmom and Grandpa.

  9. beth

    Thanks guys! 🙂

  10. Debbie (Daniels) Filosa

    Happy Anniversary! It’s great to see two people who truly cherish each other the way you do. May you have many more years of creating special memories! Thank you for your part in sending Ray and me on our first date in August 1998.

    • beth

      Thank you and you’re welcome! Love you guys.

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