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It’s How We Do

I’m still emotionally wee-wonkered after my trip to Florida for Grandpop’s funeral.

The hard stuff:
1. Watching my grandma and aunts weep.

2. Dad doing his own father’s funeral.

3. Seeing the things Grandpop will never wear again.

The wonderful stuff:
1. All but two of the twenty-two hours I spent in a vehicle were filled with great conversation and hysterical laughter. My family is downright awesome.

2. Most of my family gathered together in one place.

3. Uncle Jerry knows how lucky he was to get to sit at the kid table. We had way more fun than the adults.

Thank you for letting me process the last few days with you. I appreciate it!

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  1. Sue Goodson

    love you girl….

    • beth

      Love you too Sue

  2. Shauna Cain

    Grandparents are awesome!! I lost my grandmother in October and miss her terribly! Sorry for your loss, but happy that you have so many wonderful family members to share his memories with!

    • beth

      I’m sorry for your loss Shauna. Thank you!

  3. adrianne gonzales

    So sorry about your Grandpop, Beth. You know we adored Bill! You are so lucky to have your grandparents for as long as you have. I never knew either of my grandfathers. 🙁 BUT I had awesome grandmothers (who I still miss many, many years later).

    • beth

      Thanks Adrianne–I know you did! So sorry you never got to know your grandfathers & for the loss of your grandmothers.

  4. Jana Jenkins

    As this was a very hard trip for all of us, it is so great to know that our grandpa was a mighty fine Christian man and that we will see him again. Another thing this trip brought us was reconnecting with all of the family! I had an absolute blast with you in our 2 hour car ride home from Cracker Barrel! I love you so much!

    • beth

      I second everything you said! Love you like crazy (which is what we are anyway 🙂 )!

  5. Kayla

    Im really glad cracker xing is a tag.
    Love you Beth! Im so glad to call you family 🙂

    • beth

      I couldn’t let a good thing slide! Also love you like crazy! 🙂

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