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The List

My husband and I go to marriage counseling. I don’t really care if society makes judgments. Counseling is a much needed wellness check-up for our relationship. Besides, who turns down the opportunity to whine in front of an impartial third party?

After discussing things we each needed to work on personally, we left our last session with a short list of adjectives. At the top of my list were the words, “practical” and “purposeful.” I stink at being both. So I stuck my note card on our bathroom mirror. I hoped I would see the words often enough for them to magically become my new way of life.

I realized the adjective at the bottom of my list came easier to me. I like being adventurous; I just needed to remember to have an adventurous mindset. Conveniently, being married to my husband Jerimiah makes this possible.

One thing you should know about him is he’s forever trying to scare me. He once rigged a fake cockroach on a pulley system above our bed so he could lower it onto my face as I slept. I think I got him back though, when I taped the same fake cockroach to an ice cream bar in the freezer. I love when I’m able to laugh at his failed attempts to startle me but hate when he catches me off guard. Like he did recently, as I was showering and he set off a firecracker. My violent reaction caused him to add a new goal to my list on the mirror:

I believe this means war.

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  1. Debbie S. Richardson

    War is putting it mild!

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