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Total Recall

I’m always amazed when I remember how quickly I forget good or impressionable things that happen in my life.

Sometimes I try to take a mental snapshot of an important scene; sure that my brain will recall it in future days because it’s so impactful/beautiful/poignant/funny/etc. But I forget that my brain isn’t a digital camera with tons of storage and the ability to scroll back through images. It’s more like my trusty Richo KR-10. If I ever want to view my pictures, I need to get the film developed and I’d be wise to do it while that is still an available service. Meaning: I’d better run out to One Hour Photo and get ink put to paper…fast.

I mention all this because there are things I never want to forget:
* The million little ways I feel God speak to me.
* Countless ways my husband proves his love, like saving the last bit of Cool Whip for me.
* Lessons I’ve learned from massive (and mini) mistakes, like never wearing spandex. Ever.
* Sore abs due to extreme laughter with a comrade.
* Watching my friends love on their kids.
* Tremendous ways I see God provide, like the two recent anonymous gifts that will enable me to go to a writer’s conference in May.

I’m not saying I wish to live in the past. I just want to snapshot the important stuff so those experiences can mark my future.

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  1. I loved this post! It got me thinking of the things I treasure, the things I never want to forget. I spent an incredible time in London back when I was in college – I feel like that’s when I grew so much as a person, spiritually, maturity-wise…I literally sometimes just stop and think and remember…or get out my journal from those months. It was one of those “please, Melissa, never, ever forget the amazing-ness of these moments” experiences. 🙂

  2. p.s. Do you mind if I ask which writing conference you’ll be at in May? I’m headed to Blue Ridge at the end of May!

    • beth

      I don’t mind at all–I think we’ll be at the same place!!! Going to the BRMCWC @ Ridgecrest. Does this mean I’ll get to meet you!? 🙂

  3. Woohoo! Yes, I’ll be there!

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