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British Invasion, Episode 3

Why hullo there! Thought I’d give you a few pictorial updates on the invasion.

Firstly, I’ve learned how to find the loo. (Very important whilst invading.)


I’ve shown great courage in battle.


But most important of all, I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to make an excellent impression on the conquered natives.


We’re nowhere near done though, so I’m off to more invasion-type stuff. Enjoy the rest of the pics & have a lovely day!

 Interview at Flame Radio

Flame Radio

Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral

View from the top of Liverpool Cathedral

view from the top

On the train

train time

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  1. Carolyn Trucano

    Good skill to have – very necessary when invading! Hahaha
    Was the third picture down taken while you were speaking at the Revolution Conference?
    The Flame radio station looks pretty much like other radio stations I’ve seen, but I’m sure your radio station hosts/interviewers SOUNDED much different! Did they ask you hard questions??
    From the looks of the two of you riding on the train, it DOESN’T look like they tortured you during your inquisition (oh, uhh – interview)! At least, you weren’t imprisoned in the tower of London (you were taking the pictures from the OUTSIDE), right?
    The cathedral pictures are beautiful and majestic! Wow!

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