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Since we’re not in a crowded theater, I figured it would be okay to yell this. I must inform you—as my loyal reader—that you still have three full days to get your name entered as many times as possible into my Kindle Fire giveaway. Here’s a re-cap of the many ways you can:

#1. Give Let Me Fall a review on Amazon (I included directions on how to do it at the end of the book). Amazon will allow this even if you purchased the book directly from me. An Amazon review will earn you three more entries into the drawing.
If you read my earlier posts about the giveaway, you’ll notice this one moved up to the top of the list. Should you like Let Me Fall, giving it a review on Amazon is the best way you can support me (besides your actual purchase). If the book wasn’t your cup of tea, but you can still find a way to put a positive spin on a review, it would be a huge help. The more Amazon reviews Let Me Fall gets, the more likely Jane Q Public is to purchase their own copy.

Thank you to all those who have left their review so far …

But Let Me Fall could definitely use more!
want more

#2. Like my Facebook author page. The folks who have already liked it will have their names entered once already.

#3. Tell a friend about my Facebook author page. If they like it and post on my author page wall that you directed them there, not only will their name be entered to win, but your name will be entered two more times.

#4. Each time you share my Facebook author page or a blog post you’ll get your name entered again.

#5. Follow me on Twitter. In order to enter your name in the giveaway, you must either mention me or RT my tweet about the contest.

#6. Leave a comment on any blog post from now until April 15 and get one entry per comment.

#7. Tell a friend about my blog. If they leave a comment and mention that you directed them there, not only will their name be entered to win, but your name will be entered two more times.

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor! I’m a guest with two very special writer-friends today, so please stop by their blogs and say hi. Kim Henson @ Well-Written Days and Andy Lee @ A Mary Like Me

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  1. Renee Jordan

    Loved, loved, loved the book! Hurrying on over to Amazon to tell them right now!

    • beth

      Thanks so much Renee! I appreciate it!!

  2. Carolyn Trucano

    I ran to Amazon to enter my review. Boo hoo! I’m not a genious on Amazon. The first time I started typing, I hit a wrong key and the whole thing disappeared! I tried again, typing slowly under the title I thought I had given it the first time (“Truthful and Full of Life” – I couldn’t use “enchanting” or “drew me in” again), and when I finished, it asked me if I wanted to preview it, so I said “yes”, but I couldn’t get back. I went back to see my review there, but it wasn’t there. I tried again, and it said “Click here if you aren’t Carolyn Trucano” I think they black-listed me. Sorry I failed at Amazon!!!

    • beth

      Take a deep breath. It will be okay. 🙂 I love you and thank you for trying!

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