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Is Chivalry Dead?

I’d love to chat more today, but I have a date with my laptop at Barnes & Noble. I’ve been testing a prototype small group guide to Let Me Fall on my guinea pig girls at Katalyst (my church’s youth group). And now it’s time to put some of the great ideas I’ve gleaned from them on digital paper.

writing date

The only bad thing about a date with my laptop is that I have to drive, it never opens the door for me, and it makes me pay for everything. Geez. Chivalry is dead. At least technologically speaking.

What are you working on today? And what are your thoughts on chivalry?

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  1. Carolyn Trucano

    How did your small group session go? How were your guinea pig girls in the youth group? Hope you were able to get a lot down on digital paper!

    • beth

      It was great! Thanks for asking. 🙂 The girls were a lot of fun!

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