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No, I’m Not Dead

Forgive my lack of proper blogs last week. Tuesday was all-day time travel for Erin and myself. Thursday was me addressing the mounds of files on my desk and getting back into Legal Assistant mode. I haven’t had much time to process the whole thing, but my trip was beyond amazing. Here’s a look at our last days in the mother-land.

Friday: Let Me Fall book signing in Southport

It was lovely to meet Cuan from Southport Christian Book Centre & Café Delight in the flesh. He was a wonderful host; stuffing us with proper tea and cake. Erin and I had the pleasure of meeting a slew of cool young women too.

Southport Christian Book Centre

Then we got our inner T-Rex on and had dinner at The Carvery with a hilarious trio: George, Gwenan, and Daniel. Good meat. Good banter. Good times.

Saturday: Liverpool with Ian & Carol

Ian & Carol were more than your average tour guides. We learned cool history, drank in the sights, and laughed our heads off.

 The bottom picture was created out of … wait for it … jelly beans. Yes!

The Cavern

Erin, Ian, Smiling Head, & Carol at The Cavern, where the Beatles got their start.

with Ian & Carol at The Cavern

In front of the Liverpool Library.

Liverpool Library

Sunday: Caernarfon Castle, Wales, with Clive & Helen

Our British parents took us to see something we’ve only dreamed about. A real-life castle. I don’t have words for how awesome that day was. Simply take note of my ridiculously excited, goofy grin. Oh wait, that’s my normal smile …


view from the top

Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle 2

Monday: Formby beach & dinner at Paul & Amy’s

On our last night, our new friends showed us their version of the ocean. Hot & sticky—no. Beautiful—yes. And then they fed us (Clive and Helen included) Cuban food and quizzed us on our knowledge of Scouse phrases. We, of course, had a great time and stayed way too late just talking.

Formby beach

Paul, Amy, Erin, & a girl who was either really cold or had to pee.

with Paul & Amy

Tuesday: Goodbye

I meant it when I said my favorite thing about the entire trip was the people I had the privilege of meeting. A nugget of my heart was ripped off and is being held hostage in the mother-land. I fear I shall never get it back.

 Bag lady, Helen, & Clive


That about wraps it up. Thank you Vikki. Not just for inviting us to speak at Revolution, but for giving us the opportunity to meet you and a number of other lovely people. And thank you, dear reader, for letting me share all this British goodness with you!

Cheerio. 🙂

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  1. Kayla Reesey

    So glad you had an awesome trip!!! 🙂

    • beth

      Thanks Kayla!

  2. Yay! So glad you enjoyed it. And might I say.. your hair looks fabulous. My gosh. When I travel, my hair is usually like “aah! strange water! different temperature, different level of humidity! Freak out!” lol.

    • beth

      Hahahahahaha! I think you and your hair always look lovely no matter the location. 🙂 And thank you!

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