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I got the chance to speak to a cool crowd at the Conway Library last night.

Conway LibrarySouth-side Conway was representin’—peeps from my hood took up almost an entire row!

My favorite part was the Q&A. I was surprised how many good questions the audience had for me about the writing and publishing process. So I figured I’d extend the Q&A time to you folks who weren’t able to make it in person. Ask away. My answers are free tonight. 😉

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  1. *Insert me wearing my Let Me Fall Tshirt & crying like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert* How did you decide you wanted to not only go the self-publishing route, but also start your own publishing company to achieve that? Also, what was the most difficult part of the process?

    • beth

      You make me laugh Allison! I’ll make sure to save a sweat rag for you. 😉
      I was told traditional publishers wouldn’t know what to do with the half memoir/half fiction genre of Let Me Fall. Since I agreed with that school of thought, I didn’t want to waste any more time looking for someone to pick the book up. The decision to start Peracto Books came after researching numerous self-publishing companies and failing to be wowed. Jerimiah and I wanted complete control over the book project without having to pay for services we didn’t need.
      The most difficult part of the process: All the legal issues we had to tackle. (There’s a reason big publishing houses have attorneys on retainer.) Researching said issues was as thrilling to me as watching paint dry.

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