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Winging It

For some strange reason, I think I can shoot from the hip when it comes to speaking. I’m awkward enough in normal conversation, but I’m ten times worse when addressing a crowd. Even when the crowd will only see the video version of my spiel.

And though I know this to be true, I failed to adequately prepare for the video featured below (unless you count me curling my hair beforehand). So. Please try to ignore my bumbling responses and enjoy watching my beautiful and talented friend Kristi, as she interviews me about my book. (Props to her husband Russell for putting this video awesomeness together.)

For those of you who need a reminder, here are some ways you can add your name to the cauldron for my Kindle Fire giveaway:

1. Like my Facebook author page. The folks who have already liked it will have their names entered once already.

2. Tell a friend about my Facebook author page. If they like it and post on my author page wall that you directed them there, not only will their name be entered to win, but your name will be entered two more times.

3. Each time you share my Facebook author page or a blog post you’ll get your name entered again.

4. Follow me on Twitter. In order to enter your name in the giveaway, you must either mention me or RT my tweet about the contest.

5. Leave a comment on any blog post from now until April 15 and get one entry per comment.

6. Tell a friend about my blog. If they leave a comment and mention that you directed them there, not only will their name be entered to win, but your name will be entered two more times.

7. Give Let Me Fall a review on Amazon after it comes out on April Fools day (I included directions on how to do it at the end). Amazon will allow this even if you purchased the book directly from me. An Amazon review will earn you three more entries into the drawing.

The winner will be chosen randomly on April 15, 2013. Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. Josie S.

    After watching this video, I’m really excited to read your book. I gave up on reading “romance novels” years ago because they just made me grouchy and angry! Your video reminded me of me! I too, think that I can just “wing it” – I hate video cameras but somehow got roped into recording a video for the C&MA denomination on our churches partnership with Mongolia. Can you say, “Praise the Lord for editing?!” I was so nervous and awkward! Really though, you did a great job because it made me want to read the book 😉

    • beth

      Thanks Josie!! I’m excited that you’re excited. 🙂
      So glad there’s someone else like me when it comes to being on video. I guess we should be thankful the digital age is upon us …

  2. Debbie S. Richardson

    So excited for you…..thank you for allowing us to read your heart………soon……..

    • beth


  3. Beautiful video, Beth.

    • beth

      Thanks Kim. I’ll pay you next time we see each other. 😉

  4. Laurie Dodd

    Great video, Beth! I’m so excited for you! You have persevered and now you are about to enjoy the benefits! I’m looking forward to having your book in my hands and sharing it with others!

    • beth

      Thanks Laurie! So much!!!

  5. Laurie Dodd

    Your hair looks great, by the way!

    • beth

      Hahahahahaha! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Jessica Loudin

    Love the video! Can not wait to read the book. I am so PROUD of you.

    • beth

      Thank you Jessica! 🙂

  7. Dara

    What an amazing video about what I’m sure has been an amazing journey! I can’t wait to read it!

    • beth

      Thank you Dara!!

  8. Kathy

    Love it…you did a great job!! and so did Kristi and Russell in capturing our beautiful Beth Pensinger! and, btw, you rocked the hair 😉 Love you so much…can’t WAIT til April Fool’s Day!!

    • beth

      Thanks Kathy!! 🙂 Love you too!!!

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