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Pork: The Better Choice

Lila the Thanksgiving turkey has something she’d like to say.

“May your dressing be moist.
May your potatoes be creamy.
May your pies be out of this world.
But most important of all, may your spiral ham be unforgettable.”

Hope your Thanksgiving is awesome!

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  1. Carolyn Trucano

    Hmm …. I think Lila had an alternative motive in mind for her message (to each her own). I think my second alternative (to turkey)is salmon. Each year our church family has a Thanksgiving potluck on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and one of our Filipino families brings baked salmon, which is becoming a standard, along with the turkey and ham dishes.
    Seriously, one of the things I’m thankful for is a church that is multi-cultural.

    • beth

      Sounds yummy! 🙂

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