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Sammy the Snail

I’ve wanted to share my husband’s quirky writing style with you for quite a while. And in many ways, I already have. His quick wit and charm is interwoven in all my edited writing. But the following is all him. So I hope you enjoy the little snippet I borrowed from my husband’s brain.

This yet unwritten mid-grade sci-fi novella pop-up book is about a curious snail named Sammy who finds himself attached to a space shuttle at a most inopportune time.  Only when he reaches outer-space does he realize he won’t ever be coming back to Earth again.  He also realizes the rumors about no oxygen in space are true.  In a desperate bid for breath he hurtles himself off the space rocket and toward a tiny, yet undiscovered planet named Mollusca

Upon entering its oxygen rich atmosphere and landing safely on a giant mushroom he is discovered by the planet’s inhabitants; snails just like himself, but with no shells.  He is accepted and embraced by the shell-less snails of Mollusca.

Soon, Sammy falls in love with a particularly lovely snail named Sally, only to have her kidnapped as ransom for his own shell.  Determined to help his new friends reclaim their stolen shells from the evil snail emperor, and desperate to rescue his one true love, Sammy is thrust into an epic adventure.
Can he help his friends reclaim their shells?
Can he travel through the great salt mines without melting?
Can he keep his own shell from being stolen by the great snail emperor?
Will he sacrifice his shell for the love of his life?
Travel at a snail’s pace with Sammy as he journeys the world of Mollusca helping his friends reclaim their shells, and as he discovers the great distances love will send him.


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  1. Carolyn Trucano

    I love it! Many epic questions to ponder!

  2. Kathy Reesey

    That is AWESOME!! Can’t wait to read the whole book!!! 🙂

    • beth


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