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About the Benjamins

It’s that time of year; when fledgling seniors stand poised for flight at the edge of the nest. Some will have to be knocked out of the nest by momma-bird. Others might leap to escape the protective grasp of momma-bird’s talons. But regardless of how, these seniors will leave. And it’s important to send them off right.

The following is a brief tutorial on what not to give the graduates in your life. I’m sure you already know these things, but a little refresher never hurt anyone.

* A flowery-purple prayer journal. This is acceptable if you are certain your graduate is a journal-er who enjoys flowery-purple journals.
* A book of wisdom for graduates. If you want them to actually read your gift, go with something more along the lines of The Hunger Games.
* Gaudy necklaces from Dollar General. True story.
* $1 picture frame from Walmart with the phrase “Dare to Dream” stamped on the matte. My husband stopped me from giving our friend’s son this gift. I claim temporary insanity as my defense.

If it looks like money, smells like money, and is money, there’s a high probability it’s what your grad is hoping for. I think even $5 would be helpful. I don’t mean to say other gifts aren’t welcome. Just make sure you know your grad well enough to give them. Don’t force the young one to lie and tell you they love the monogrammed toothbrush you had specially made for them.

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  1. Carolyn Trucano

    Hmmm … What gift suggestions do you have for an almost five-year old kindergarten grad who happens to be your grandson? I was going to say a Skype call with the young man, but I don’t think that will do the trick now . . . LOL

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