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Boys will be Boys

Between services in Kidzrock every week, a few of us volunteers are tasked with keeping a handful of school-age kids occupied. Believe me, it’s quite an undertaking when all you have is a high school hallway. No dodgeball. No kickball. No violent games of freeze tag. Sad indeed when the group is made up primarily of boys.

So last week—with the help of painters tape and kid creativity at it’s finest—we made up a story. At his turn, each boy (the few girls were so vastly outnumbered by fart-talk they didn’t bother to chime in) was given a piece of tape. It was his duty to add one sentence to the story and help create our main character on the floor.

Chuck Norris

Meet Chuck Norris.

Chuck was a tough guy before, but after these boys were through, he became downright impressive. This six-armed stud defeated an entire army of evil ninjas after surviving a fall down a fifty-mile deep cliff with only a broken neck. He grew walrus teeth and chicken toes. He won $500 and a submersible car from a game show. Did I mention he didn’t die after his submersible car imploded on the ocean floor? No, he escaped in the nick of time and could live comfortably underwater because the shark who’d healed his broken neck also gave him gills. The shark took his $500 bucks though.

The only unsettling thing about Chuck happened after I introduced Tinker Bell to the story. (You should’ve seen their faces. Priceless.) While teaching him to fly, Tinker Bell was “accidentally” swallowed by Chuck, thus granting him the power to fly without being required to think any happy thoughts.

Boys will be boys. 🙂

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  1. Pam glover

    That is a fantastic idea! I’m going to buy some tape and put it in the car so I’ll have when the next opportunity presents itself.

    • beth

      Yay! Glad you like. 🙂 It was a lot of fun.

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