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Remembering: When my coulrophobia might have begun. Don’t be deceived by my calm demeanor. I’m sure I was barely reining in my terror.


Looking at: Pascal, my little human-hating chameleon. By the way, Pascal is definitely a girl. I know this because a few weeks ago, she laid a craptastic amount of eggs. I still don’t understand how all that could come from such a small creature. Unfortunately, the passing of her eggs did not change her hateful demeanor. Sigh.

Worrying about: Learning quickly at the new job I start tomorrow. I want to be an asset to my new company. At least I’ll be able to resurrect my killer lunchbox.


Excited about: Heading to Liverpool, England with my friend Erin to speak at Revolution Conference in less than a month!

Continually wowed by: Jerimiah and his barn wood projects. He’s turning out to be quite the woodsmith.

barn wood chest

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  1. dalton jackson

    wow, is that just a hobby or is that what he does for a living now? Where do you start work, and congrats on…. well your life, you too Jerimiah:)

    • beth

      Thanks Dalton! It’s just a hobby. 🙂 I start work as a legal assistant at a personal injury law firm.

  2. Carolyn Trucano

    I guess you were younger in the above picture than when your classmate introduced you to the September 1990 issue of TV Guide with the hideous picture on the front . . .

    • beth

      I most certainly was!

  3. Carolyn Trucano

    Woo hoo! Today’s your first day as a legal assistant; may your resurrected killer lunchbox accompany you!

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