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Excuse Me, it’s Pronounced Deer-Tay

Not being a competitive person, I’m not much of an in-it-to-win-it kind of girl. Unless, that is, you’re talking about a gift card to the best restaurant in town, which was the prize that year for my company’s Halloween Costume Contest.

I decided to risk it all—my good reputation and husband’s future affection—to become Joe Dirt.

I won the contest, and the prized gift card. And though my husband couldn’t look at me the same for a month, it was worth it.

What’s your favorite Halloween getup?

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  1. David M

    I remember that day well. Shockingly awesome to say the least.

    • beth

      Shock & awe. Just what Joe is all about!

  2. Debbie S. Richardson

    I had to look not once….not twice….but three times at this!

    • beth


  3. Aaah! So good. So scary, but so good. (Although I had to look up Joe Dirt. Sorry, I had no idea.)

    • beth

      So sad you’ve been missing out on this iconic hero.

  4. josh

    I really think you should have shaved your chest hair.. that’s the only thing that gave you away..

    • beth

      You’re right, I should have. But I was afraid of razor burn.

  5. I have to know what restaurant was worth alienating your husband with a mullet. LOL

    • beth

      The Bistro in Conway, SC. And it is mullet-worthy!!

  6. Do you have chest hair? Oh, that restaurant is so worth it! Great costume, btw.

    My favorite was the year I dressed as a stoplight, and yes, my lights lit up. Gotta find that photo, even though I wouldn’t have won against Joe Dirt. : )

    • beth

      That costume sounds hilarious! Yes, find the pic…

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