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Holiday Mixup

There’s a good reason the Scarecrow accompanied Dorothy to see the Wizard. The two plush friends on my front door would be wise to follow in the Scarecrow’s light and fluffy footsteps.

Dumb: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Dumber: “No dork. It’s Easter. Even a fool could tell that…”

Don’t listen to them.

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  1. JP


    • beth

      If you couldn’t already tell, it made my day that you liked it.

  2. motylman

    In-flippin-credible… In a good way of course.

    • beth

      Of course. 😉

  3. It must be a blast to live at your house, Beth!

    • beth

      Hahahahaha! Thanks. 🙂 Only for inanimate objects, I fear.

  4. Kathy Reesey

    Hahahahaha!!! To cute!! 😉

    • beth

      Why thank you!

  5. Teresa Robinson

    This made me laugh out loud!!!

    • beth

      Yes! Score!!!

  6. So funny! Was it there when I came over? Too much to take in. Incredible home you have, my friend. No diving in the commode tank!

    • beth

      It was there on the front door. But you were probably still distracted by the dead flowers on my front stoop. 🙂

      • That’s it, Beth. The dead flowers I didn’t even notice caught my attention subconsciously. Hehehe. You’re so funny! Sorry I missed the wreath. Wish I had seen it in person.

        • beth

          Don’t be sorry! I was just glad to have you over. 🙂

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