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I Confess…

I figure since we’ve been in a relationship now for about five months—and by relationship I mean me the blogger and you the reader—I should come clean about a few things.

1. I never sent out thank you cards after my wedding. I meant to. If you were there, we really liked what you got us. Unless you were one of the five that bought us a toaster.

2. I cannot control the urge to dance when I hear this song. I’m a very bad dancer.

3. I ate an entire mason jar of sweet potato butter within a 24 hour period. That stuff is like crack, or so I imagine.

4. During my senior year, some of my friends and I put a Winn Dixie shopping cart on the front lawn of the smart kid. (This was on the same night we engaged in other various misdemeanors.) It wasn’t that we didn’t like him. His was simply a yard of convenience.

5. This little water ninja is me. Need I say more?

6. (This one makes me blush.) In my high school planner, I used to carry around a picture of one of my cousins. I never claimed he was my boyfriend or anything, but if a popular girl was around and I casually flashed his handsome mug, it was enough.

7. My teenage years were spent in the 90’s. We wore crew socks in the 90’s. I sometimes wear them now just because I can.

8. Another song that produces spontaneous dancing of Elaine Benes caliber.

9. I have play dates with my friend’s daughters so I can get my Barbie fix.

10. I watched Titanic in the theater more than once (the 1997 version). And by more than once I mean five times.

Your turn. Anything you’re willing to confess?

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  1. Jen

    Kendall has four new Monster High dolls, by the way. 😉

    • beth

      Let me know when I can come over 🙂

  2. Jessica

    I taught 3 girls how to drive even though I wasn’t technically a licensed adult driver.

    • beth

      And a great teacher you were!!

  3. I confess I laughed all the way thru this post, and I needed to! I confess I once left a voice mail on my home phone telling myself that things would get easier and not to give up. I listened to it repeatedly every day until I accidentally erased it.

    • beth

      Good thinking! Being your own voice of reason…

  4. I confess this is one of my favorite posts from you! And I may or may not hide Twix bars around the house where my husband can’t find and eat them. Keep in mind, he doesn’t even like Twix…but you can never be too careful. LOL

    • beth

      Yay! That makes me happy!!!
      You really can’t be too careful. What if Ryan suddenly got sympathy cravings and decided he loved Twix?

  5. I’m supposed to be writing a list of 25 things like this! 25! I was challenged by two writers … one said seven. I thought I might could handle that one. Another said 25. Now I’m stuck. Well, I confess I never really started, except that pathetic list of three. So maybe I’ll try again. Just hope my list is as nifty neat as yours, but I’ll just settle for having a list at all.

    • beth

      Well three is more than zero. 🙂 You can do it!

  6. Amy Trucano

    You make me laugh!! I used to bend paperclips into the shape of a retainer and try to convince everyone it was real. Don’t think I tricked anyone, but it was fun for me.

    • beth

      That is seriously awesome!

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