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Last March in Pictures

I miss my family. I shared a few of them with you several weeks ago. Here’s yet another slice of my heart.

My brother Joe, sister-in-law Amy, and their boys Luca & Nathan @ Legoland.

The great American pastime…T-ball.

My older brothers. Meet Joe & Jon.

The boys hard at play: swinging, driving, and pushing around their elders.

I heart Amy. Of course I heart the rest of them too.

My gents.

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  1. Amy Trucano

    The boys still love to look at the picture of Nathan pushing Uncle Jon. That week was so much fun! Can’t wait until our next adventure!

    • beth

      It makes me laugh every time. Me too!

  2. Carolyn Trucano

    I think the picture of you and your two brothers on the doorstep of Joe and Amy’s house is one of my favorite pictures of you three. Of course the pictures of the boys are cute, but they usually get the “awww …” or “How cute . . . ” comments. I did like the caption, though, about pushing their elders around!

    • beth

      Thanks Mom! Mine too 🙂

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