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Left Behind

Dear Luca & Nafey,

Where are you guys? We still miss you.

Things are the same as when you left, 393 eons ago (or days as you call them). But we show our sadness in different ways. Bear has been quite a grump.

The Fonze still won’t say much.

Bunny has lost all hip in his hop.

The Debutante doesn’t seem to mind. But no one likes her anyway.

We hope you’ll come back to play one day soon!

Auntie Beff’s Toys

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  1. Amy Trucano

    Awwwww, I might be a little teary eyed. Hope it’s not 393 more eons until we can visit again. And if you want the Debutante to shape up, just start talking about a garage sale while she’s in earshot. We would be honored to keep the toys busy sometime in the future!

  2. beth

    I hope not too 🙂 It’s never occurred to me to use garage sale threats to instill proper respect in my toys. You are brilliant!

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