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Live Bait

Sometimes life can be hard. Especially when you’re forced to make decisions you didn’t expect to face yet. (More on that later. And by later, I don’t mean today’s post. Sorry.) And because of that fact, a quarter of my blog posts this month have been pictures of my favorite cartoon, The Far Side. I apologize for my negligence. While I’m still distracted, I’ll leave you with something a little more engaging today.


Tell me what you think my husband was thinking while I snapped this picture of him.

my crazy husband

Ready … go!

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  1. Vikki Shacklady

    “That reminds me, I wonder what’s for dinner?”

    • beth

      🙂 Gator meat is pretty good!

  2. Debbie S. Richardson

    Beth is MINE!

  3. Halee

    “Hey, I wonder where it’s going. Are there more? We could follow it…”

  4. Allison Stout

    “I only have to run faster than Beth….” 🙂

    • Jerimiah

      …or Allison.

      • beth


  5. Bill Trucano

    Jerimiah isn’t nearly as close as we were with the 11 foot gator in the parking lot of the South Florida State College library. See my You Tube video for more details. (De-tails, not gator tails.)

    • beth


  6. Carolyn Trucano

    “Are gators a protected species in SC? If so, why?” Hahaha.

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