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Marketing at its Finest

Way to go Aussie–your “New Look!” sealed the deal.

Thank you Listerine, for lessening the intensity. The wicked slap to my face was much better than the sucker-punch.

Justin Bieber would like to announce his new partnership with public school curriculum coordinators.

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  1. Amy Trucano

    Did you take the pic of the Bieber book before or after you grabbed a copy for your poolside reading.

    • beth

      After, of course 🙂

  2. I want to market something in a big way, then can you post it? Hehehe. Love this, and glad Listerine toned it down a bit. Thanks for a light-hearted, totally fun post, Beth.

    • beth

      Count me in! Glad you liked it 😉

  3. Oh my goodness…laughing out loud…people are staring. 🙂

    Love it!

    • beth

      Sweet!!! The only thing better would be if it made you snort! 🙂

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