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My Aspirations are Becoming Less Lofty

Number five on the about beth page is happening! Jerimiah and I took Welding 101 on our friend’s farm yesterday.

Ironman with a fierce beard.

Photobombed by a chicken.

action shot

action shot

After all was said and done, did JP and I experience welding love? Don’t know for sure. But sparks were flying all afternoon.

Your turn. What do you aspire to?

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  1. Laurie Dodd

    looks like fun!

    • beth

      It truly was!

  2. Carolyn Trucano

    Have you arrived at the point you can make a sweet metal sculpture yet? Are the sparks going to continue to fly?

    • beth

      Everything takes practice 🙂

  3. Carolyn Trucano

    I see you’ve made some changes on your home page – now instead of “blogs” it’s “dimwit diary”? Is that true?

    • beth

      Yep. My blog needed a name.

  4. Oh my goodness, how fun!!

    • beth

      Indeed!! 🙂

  5. Y’all are SO creative. I want to weld, or at least to buy a piece of artwork you’ve welded. Yeah, the latter is what I want. 🙂

    • beth

      You make me laugh! Something tells me it might take a while before I’m producing anything remotely artsy.

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