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Queen of the Backyard

I know I’m not the only one who thinks their dog is awesome. But my aging pup Daisy makes me laugh, and often. She’s been known to walk into parked cars. The water hose is her arch nemesis. And she is forever lying in the most uncomfortable looking positions I’ve ever seen.

My favorite thing about her though, is her intelligence. I believe the following story will serve as witness.

It was a fine summer day. I was reading in the back yard. Daisy’s initial excitement over my company faded and she went about her usual business; sniffing and pawing while prancing here and there. I watched her pick up a single piece of dry dog food from her dish on the deck. I mean a single, small, itsy-bitsy individual piece the size of a marble. She dropped the bone-shaped kibble on some dirt near me. I puzzled for a moment and then cracked up as she methodically buried and gently nosed dirt over the tiny morsel. She takes saving for winter to a whole-nother level.

But hey, a smart girl knows how to keep snacks handy.

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  1. Larry Reesey

    Give Daisy a big squeeze for me 🙂

    Love you guys!

    • beth

      Will do! She misses you. Love you too! 🙂

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