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I’m surrounded by some awesome kids in my life; nephews, nieces, kids of friends, kids from church . . . And today, I’m gifting you with a few of the best lines I’ve heard recently.

1. While driving my friend’s five-year-old, Gray, we were singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” I asked her to make up her own verse and this is what she sang back:

“If you’re happy and you know it watch the road.”

2. After wrestling chickens (my first time) and loading up their U-Haul, we pulled out of our friend’s old driveway. As soon as I stopped laughing over their freshly demolished mailbox (the U-Haul practically sheared it off the post), their oldest daughter, Sylvia (almost seven), and I began to chat. When asked what her favorite things about her siblings were, this was her reply.

On her little brother Julius: “I like his hair.”
On her toddler twin sisters: “I like Catherine’s head and Helen’s personality.”

Have you heard any good kid quotes lately?

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