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Sky Mall

Are you old enough to remember the Sears Wish Book? If not, allow me to explain the hype. Imagine three hundred glorious pages of toys, fashion, home goods, electronics, and obscure European countries for sale. The countries were towards the back. If there was a product you dreamed of, it was in the Wish Book. The halt of this publication/home-self-defense weapon signaled the end of a golden era.

But I recently happened upon the Wish Book’s abbreviated equal. Sky Mall. I know, I don’t fly much. Sadly, this publication is lacking a toy section, but makes up for it in delightfully whimsical ways. Everything you could possibly want is found within these glossy pages. Since I don’t know where to begin, I’ll simply list some of my favorites and let the plethora of eccentricities speak for themselves.

On page 9 is DermaTend (mole and skin tag removal remedy) at $39.99 followed by a pair of padded seats from Yankee Stadium for $999.99. One can pick up a pair of Mongolian Shearling Moccasins for a mere $69.95 or the essential Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer for $99.99. Tired of that pesky litter box? For only $99.95, this Hidden Litter Box looks like a clay pot and contains an artificial decorator plant. You simply turn the entrance to face the wall so your company will never know!

Below are pictures of my top two favorites:

Skel-E-Gnome, Skel-E-Gnomette & Skel-E-Dog Garden Sculptures

"Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti" Statue

I’m thinking about booking a flight in September to work on my Christmas wish list.

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  1. Kayla

    Hahaha Sky Mall is the best! It literally has everything!

    • beth

      Why would anyone even think of shopping elsewhere?!

  2. Jen

    “mole and skin tag removal remedy”…


    • beth

      Well dang, I guess you won’t be getting that for Christmas 🙂

  3. Amy Trucano

    HAHAHA! Sky Mall is so great. We used to laugh at the little staircase for when the dog’s too old to climb up on the bed. But that skele-gnome, yikes!

    • beth

      Yes!! I thought the staircase was great too!

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