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The Dangers of Hand Dryers

I like random signs that don’t make sense. The following picture is of a hand dryer in a movie theater bathroom.

I asked some of my family to make captions in order to better explain the directions. Without further ado, here they are…

* (In a Kevin Malone voice from The Office) Fire dry hand. Fire feel good on face too.

* After using, please recharge with sonic vision rays.

* If battle visor is removed, hand dryer may suck up all Cycloptic energy beams.

* Cried in the movie too much? No problem, just dry your eyes.

* Warning: Bacon may cause blindness.

Please vote for your favorite and add your own caption!

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  1. “Open. Dispense bacon.”

    I loathe picture instructions.

  2. Sue Goodson

    the bacon one. most definately! lol!

  3. Carolyn Trucano

    The picture on the left is instructive. The picture on the right is . . . what not to do?
    Why does the picture on the right generate all the comments? I guess that’s what happens when the imagination is left to run amok!
    I guess I was never there at the right time to get in on the bacon, Heather! Cute!

  4. Carolyn Trucano

    Wait a minute! I get it now! There’s more there than “meets the eye”! Heather threw me off the trail by talking about dispensing bacon. There’s a reason that I was never there on the right day to get the bacon.
    On Tuesday and Thursday, “Battle Star Galactica” – the two-part sequel – was showing. On Saturday and Sunday, the machine was recharging sonic vision rays. Wednesday was no good either, because the machine was drying people’s eyes. Friday, of course, was taken up with fire dry hand and fire feel good on face. Logically, that only leaves Monday for bacon dispensing. Good show!

    • I just saw your comments Carolyn and they are cracking me up!!

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