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Throne of Lies

“You’re my best friend,” I said to her reverently. Silence. I tried again. “Well, you’re the only one around here who really listens to me.” Still nothing. “Is—is it something I did?” The silence became heavy. I sighed and removed the laundry basket holding my cat captive. Shadow shot me a glare and gave me the paw as she made a beeline for her freedom.

My fourth-grade-self was so sad. My cat didn’t care about my troubles. She would never burst into spontaneous song with me. And if a wicked witch was about to steal my voice and prince, Shadow would probably help the witch. I held out hope that she was just a bad apple.

I grew up wanting to be able to frolic with all my untamed woodland friends. They would instinctively know I would never hurt them. (The meat I ate was only from inmates on death row—the sadistic criminals of the animal kingdom. I heard Bambi’s cousin became quite a nefarious stag.).

I confess, I still kinda want the same thing as an adult.


Disney magic

But alas, untamed woodland creatures refuse to frolic with me, even when I don an early 90’s princess dress and call them with a beautiful ballad. 😉

I blame Disney. Boo Disney. Boo.

In case you missed Tuesday’s post, Phase Two: Infiltration, check it out to see how you can help Let Me Fall make it into every state. And please don’t forget to leave an Amazon/Goodreads review! Your reviews matter more than I can express.

Have a lovely Thursday! May you have better luck with untamed woodland creatures than me.

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  1. heather

    that picture is so cute!

    • beth

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. Ash

    Ha ha ha! Glad clothes session brought that dress back 🙂 and no booing disney! This is a fun post

    • beth

      I do boo Disney. 😉 They put unfair expectations on wildlife everywhere …

  3. Sue Goodson

    you rock that old dress well!! =)

    • beth

      Haha thanks! 🙂 I had some trouble breathing.

  4. Halee

    Um. I have the opposite problem. The darn woodland creatures won’t leave me alone. I get swarmed by birds, stalked by deers, surprised by turtles. It is not a pretty picture, my friend. I don’t know what they want from me, but somehow they find me. Man. Alive.

    • beth

      Maybe they sense your dislike & are trying to win you over. 😉

  5. Ash

    Or take over. Especially the birds……have to watch those

    • beth

      True. Birds are notorious for hatching new things.

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