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Top 10 Ways to Know You are a Child of the 80’s

10. It took years before you started wondering why Smurfette was the only girl.

9. You’ve ever made your mom a sweat shirt with an iron-on teddy bear and puffy-paint.

8. Garbage Pail Kid cards were the worst thing you could get caught with at school.

party time

7. You know that anti-skip technology isn’t referring to the banning of a childhood pastime.

6. You ever aspired to own a silk shirt.

5. You babysat a kid who loved Barney and found yourself wondering what happened to all the “quality cartoons.”

4. Your dreams for a happy future were destroyed when the boy/girl you were crushing on died from a snakebite in Oregon Trail.

3. You’ve experienced the agony of seeing your favorite tape unravel.

2. You know who Max Headroom is.

1. You enjoy no longer having to wait at least an hour to see how a “selfie” will turn out.

So tell me. What should be added to the list?

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  1. OMG! You should have seen all the toys I brought down from my parents’ attic the last two days! I could totally add to this list of toys!

    ~Original Care Bears, ~Fluppy Dogs, ~Glo Worms, ~Micro Machines, ~Popples

    • beth


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