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Unusual Markers

As I was recently sweating under my sheets due to excessive January temperatures, my mind drifted to the little ways I take notice of time’s perpetual motion. For example, every year when it gets hot, I take our comforter off the bed and exchange it for our light summer quilt. When the weather turns cool once more, the heavy blanket again makes its appearance. So, technically speaking, we’ve lived in SC for exactly 8 bedspread revolutions.

With this in mind, I say we get rid of days, weeks, months, and years, and switch to this unusual method of marking time. What does it matter that no one would really understand each other?

I’ve been able to read and write for about 6072 homework assignments.

I’ve been an aunt for 43 of my nieces and nephews birthdays.

I’ve had my dog Daisy for 3698 good girls and 1849 no!s.

Jerimiah and I have been married for approximately 1752 laundry cycles, and recently celebrated the 136th time I’ve made us late.

Okay it’s your turn. Tell me something about you, using this unusual method of marking time.

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  1. I’ve procrastinated over my writing for at least 213 blog posts, but who’s counting, right? 🙂 Love the way you think and write.

    • beth

      Good one–thanks friend! Right back at you.

  2. Carolyn Trucano

    Wow, what a challenging assignment (especially since my memory is not what it used to be)!

    I’ll have to limit mine to a specific area – like church ministry assignments:

    Prepare to facilitate monthly Women on Mission meetings – 485
    Follow up on yearly WorldCrafts orders – 4
    Prepare visuals, resource handout materials for human trafficking awareness presentations – 3
    Prepare monthly handouts (different city each month) located along the Interstate 10 corridor to pray for an end to human trafficking – 8
    Prepare theme and program outline, enlist speakers, organize local church women leaders for five sub-committees to plan a one-day event for the women in churches in two counties – 1

    Serve on the board of trustees for our state Baptist Children’s Homes – 4 meetings per year

    Can I rest now? I would take either bedspread! Hahahaha.

    • beth


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