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By Leaps & Mounds

“Dude,” I say as I survey the hamper. “This is seriously the biggest mound of laundry I’ve ever seen. At least in my house.”


God laughs. “It is rather impressive.”

I begin the arduous task of sorting and manage to get a few clean loads under my belt. I grab the TV remote when I’m ready to start folding. Aiming it at the screen, I’ve almost depressed the power button when God’s face comes into my line of sight. I forgot He was here. His expression is unreadable.

“You mind?” I ask, nodding toward the TV.

He shrugs. “Whatever you want to do.”

This must be a test of some sort. I groan inwardly. Great. Of course He doesn’t want me watching TV while He’s here. No, He just wants to sit around and play the quiet reverence game. What did I do to deserve this?

His voice interrupts my train of thought. “Wow. I knew that was coming but I must say it still stings.”

“What are You talking about?”

“Haven’t I helped you work through problems? And held you while you cried? Haven’t we made each other laugh? How about all the times I’ve rescued your hide? Or revealed cool mysteries to you?” His face is twisted into a grimace now. “So—after all we’ve been through together—how could you view time with Me as punishment?”

I’d conveniently forgotten He knows my thoughts. And I’d conveniently forgotten all the stuff He brought up. Hot tears well up and spill down my cheeks. I run over and fling myself into His arms.

“I’m so sorry.” My reply is muffled since my face is buried in His chest. “I do like spending time with You. I—I just forgot.”

“I know,” He says and tightens His hold on me a bit more. I hear the smile in His voice when He says, “By the way, I really didn’t want to play the quiet reverence game today.”

I pull away and hesitantly look up at Him. “No?”

He winks. “Nope. A new episode of Ultimate Survival Alaska is about to come on …”

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  1. Allison

    Wow! You tell it like it is, Beth!

    • beth

      🙂 Why waste time pretending?

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