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Line I’ve heard often since quitting my job:

“It’s really nice that you’re following your dream.”

Writing has never been my dream. Ever. Any dreams of mine are more hazy than they are clear. It’s not like as a child I perched on a branch of an oak tree in my yard madly transcribing the stockpiles of stories in my head. My brain created no such tales. And the towering pine trees in my yard made climbing impossible.

It bothers me to hear the “following your dream” sentiment for several reasons.
Reason #1: It means I’ve done a poor job of communicating what led me to write in the first place. Believe me or not: God gave a directive I couldn’t ignore.
Reason #2: If I were merely “following my dream” it would be enough that I’d finished the book. But I don’t have that luxury.
Reason #3: It isn’t me. I’m a quiet and simple girl, not a risk taker. Why would I want to expose my heart to potential public ridicule or indifference? (I’m beginning to think indifference is actually a more crushing blow.)

For the last few days I’ve been seized with the fear that I’ll look like a fool. Maybe the April Fools Day release of Let Me Fall is more appropriate than I imagined. Naturally, I’ve been a bit snide with God.

Me: “Why did You lead me down this road if all that would come of it is me looking like an idiot? I could’ve done that all by myself, just not so publicly. Thankyouverymuch.”

God: “You done yet?”

Me: “No.” Pitifully cross my arms over my chest.

God: With a smile/sigh combination, He hands me a letter.

Me: “What’s this?” I read the words of praise and encouragement from one of my editors. “Oh.” My cheeks burn as I look at my feet. “Well … I guess I’m ready to get back to work.”

God: Glad to hear it.

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  1. Debbie S. Richardson

    Feel better now?!?!?

    • beth

      Mostly. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Sue Goodson

    Hang in there sweet girl. Following God’s direction is not always easy. But always worth it. Always. You might not be following YOUR dream, but you are following His for you.
    I, for one, can’t wait for the book to come out!!

    • beth

      Thanks again Sue for your sweet encouragement.

  3. Carolyn Trucano

    Our reason for doing something God told us to do is often not understood by anyone else except family and close friends. The “following your dreams” become a cliche’ when people don’t know what else to say, just like the cliche’ “Well, he’s in a better place now” after a loved one has died.
    Remember the Old Testament prophets. God told some of them to do some pretty strange things, like laying on one side for a certain number of days, then doing the same thing on the other side – yikes! He might have been more comfortable (literally comfortable) writing a book!! God is creative in getting His message across to each generation and culture. Our creator is so awesome!

    • beth

      Thanks for understanding. You’re so right. 🙂

  4. I understand and I’m right there with you. Writing was never my dream either. I wanted to be a ballerina. 🙂

    Love you lots!

    • beth

      I would tell you it’s never too late to go for your dreams, but we all know how expensive ballerina outfits are these days.
      Love you too!

      • Hahaha. I love that the expense is why you don’t think I should pursue being a ballerina. That’s just one reason I LOVE YOU!

        • beth


  5. Jessica Loudin

    As I have already told you. Very proud of you for listening to God.

    Love you!

    • beth

      Thank you Jessica. So much. Love you!

  6. If I’m gonna look like an idiot, I’d rather do it for God than anyone else. 🙂 I think it was Charles Stanley who said “Obey God and leave the consequences to Him”. Wise words…

    • beth

      Okay, you make a pretty good point here. 🙂 Thanks for the wisdom.

      • Piping in, but that really is a good point. I like that. Wish I had said it. 🙂

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