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Short & Only Slightly Sour

It has returned; the horrible, restless feeling which accompanies existence in this tedious world. It is the reason I run to books and movies. I just want to lose myself for a while.

The hard part is coming back.

Different chapters in my book touch on this issue. Well, it’s more like several issues: ennui, emptiness, and pathetic substitutions. After chronicling my experience with all three, I wish I could write them off as conquered. But they are tenacious enemies.

All the more reason to be glad someone is fighting on my behalf.

Psalm 18:16-19

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  1. Carolyn Trucano

    Sometimes our worst foes are those within us that rear their ugly heads when we’re forced to be alone with self. The Lord has to reach down and rescue us by taking hold of us – thankfully. We can rest in Him as our support because He rejoices in us.

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