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Evolution to a Nursery

Since 2005, the room at the end of the Pensinger hall has seen its share of changes.

 2005. When we moved in. Even the walls detested their covering. I don’t think they really liked the bedspread either.just moved in

For a long time it served its dual purpose quite well; office and guest bedroom.

 2006. The walls told me they were much happier being naked and blue.remodel 1

remodel 1 - different view

The room was admittedly stoked to receive a custom upgrade.

 2010. These walls kept bragging to the others in our house about holding a mac-daddy hanging desk for two aspiring authors. They got a little out of control, if you ask me.remodel 2

remodel 2 - different view 2

remodel 2 - different view

I won’t lie. The room went into a funk when we started dismantling it. It thought it had reached the pinnacle of it’s existence. (Aside from getting new carpet. But don’t say anything to the carpet). The good thing is, the room at the end of the hall is a quick learner. It now knows that it’s best purpose is yet to come.

 2014. Imminent arrival of baby girl Pensinger. The walls are currently holding up well under the pressure to be more than just a room. I think they’ve finally grown up. *snif, snif*tree

family of 3

on a rope


birds on a line


night light

more night

night life

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  1. Debbie S. Richardson

    Love love love …..

  2. Renee Pratta

    Great job! And, many, many CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Beautiful. You guys are already such incredible parents….I can’t wait to meet Baby Pensinger. 🙂

  4. Susie Smith

    It’s beautiful! Great job from creative minds! Baby Girl Pensinger is blessed to have both of you as her parents!! Looking forward to meeting her! Love always!

  5. tish fey


  6. Kathy

    Simply magnificent!! And I am sure the walls are rejoicing about their most important role…what could be better than protecting a sweet little Baby Pensinger!!! ❤️

  7. Carolyn Trucano

    Wow! I’ve seen the early renditions, and each time the room make-over was spectacular. But all of them combined can’t compare to the best purpose soon-to-be! The cute little birds a.k.a. – part of the author’s book signings – have come “home” to roost. Love it! Is the crocheted owl going to also make an appearance?

  8. The Princess will be so pleased. We are so excited. Can’t wait to meet her. Does she already have a tiara awaiting her arrival? If not, we’ll be sure she has one waiting for her. Let us know!

  9. The PRINCESS’S Room is so grand. She will love it. Be Sure to keep us up-to-date on her arrival. Can’t wait to meet her…..

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