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Voyages of a Babygrower: And We’re Having …

Alien Turtle: the Pensinger frontier.

These are the voyages of the Babygrower Pensinger. Her nine-month mission: to explore strange new levels of emotional instability; to seek out larger pant sizes and fried chicken; to boldly go where no Beth Pensinger has gone before.

Beth’s Log: Babydate, 21-ish weeks.

Gag every time hands brush over newly-developing outie (belly button and I have never been on speaking terms). Still haven’t mastered the art of peeing in a cup.

21-ish weeks

Definitely feeling Alien Turtle thrash about. Yesterday, found out Alien Turtle is technically a …

gender reveal

Just hoping she won’t be bald forever.

For those of you struggling, I’ll put it in plain terms. Jerimiah and I are having a girl. 🙂

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  1. Christiana

    Congrats! Both are fun, but there is something so special about 1) watching a daddy fall in love with his baby girl and 2) dressing a baby girl.

  2. Yay! Awesome! Girls are tons of fun 🙂 [And they change their daddies forever] … Congratulations!

  3. Jana Jenkins

    YAY!!!!!! So exciting!!!! Jerimiah is going to be wrapped! He doesn’t know it yet, but it will happen!!! So happy for you both! We love you so much!!

  4. Andrew

    So excited for you guys!! 🙂

  5. Cuda

    Thank you stating it so blunt at the end…I thought you were having a Mrs. Potato Head…I was genuinely concerned, she doesn’t have as many outfits as my daughter…

  6. Kathy

    YAY!!!!! So exciting!! Girls are the sweetness of life and we have several awesome ones in our family!! Let the naming begin!!!! Lol

  7. Katie

    Congrats to you and Jerimiah! Little girls are the best :0)

  8. Chrisie Horonzy

    Congratulations! You both will be wonderful parents! Looking forward to battling it out in the ROCK nursery as to who gets to cuddle her on Sunday mornings! So happy for you!

  9. Kelly Jordam

    Wow! That is so great! She will be blessed beyond measure from the start of her journey on this earth to the finish with the two of you as parents! You are in for such a treat! Can’t wait to meet baby girl Pensinger! I’m guessing her room will be done in cute baby turtles?!!
    Congratulations Daddy & Mommy!!

  10. Amy

    Congrats!! So exciting…..

  11. Maria Singley Bessant

    Yay!! Girls are mini-mes and oh so much fun to dress!! Congratulations!!

  12. Carolyn Trucano

    Well, at least the wondering is over. Now, as several of those who posted on your blog have indicated, comes the effects on you and Jerimiah – will he, three years down the road, become wrapped? Will Beth’s wish for her child NOT to be bald forever come true? Will this tiny alien turtle have to go through life with only one or two outfits, like Mrs. Potato Head? Will she have to live for several years in a room decorated with cute baby turtles – to remind her constantly of her humble start in life? Will she have to go through the remainder of her life with a name so hideous that it forever changes her personality – at least, until she is old enough to go to court to have her name changed to something unforgettable? All this and more await the Pensinger frontier!

  13. Melissa White

    Awwww!!! Congratulations Pensinger family!

  14. April Thoms

    Congratulations on the gender. I can’t tell you how little girls are but the love you give her is the same. Good luck

  15. heather

    i’m so excited! the only way i could be more excited is if you were having twins. and that might be less excitement and more evil laughter but whatever.
    you are looking amazing, beth and you and jerimiah are going to love having a little girl.

  16. How wonderful! Girl clothes and girl toys and girl shoes and, well, girls are the cutest. And sweet and fun and giggly. I can’t wait to see pink pics.

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