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Voyages of a Babygrower

Alien Turtle: the Pensinger frontier.

These are the voyages of the Babygrower Pensinger. Her nine-month mission: to explore strange new levels of emotional instability; to seek out larger pant sizes and fried chicken; to boldly go where no Beth Pensinger has gone before.

 Beth’s Log: Babydate, 16 weeks.

Considered shaving legs today. After the arduous task of bending over belly to examine them, decided to wear pants. Eating daily doses of this in hopes that Alien Turtle will come out smarter than Baby Daddy and me.

brain food

Realized I can’t wait for first time Alien Turtle laughs.

16 weeks

Also realized Baby Daddy will receive a sucker punch if he gapes/guffaws at my expanding midsection one more time.

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  1. Amanda Roehm

    You are beautiful pregnant!! And I am going to enjoy this journey that you are allowing us to share with you!!! Give baby daddy a sucker punch from me as well if it continues:)

    • beth

      Thank you Amanda! I will 😉

  2. Sarah

    Omigosh I laughed so hard at this and then teared up tooooo, ohhh the joys of exploring strange new levels of emotional instability

    • beth

      Love you too preggers buddy!

  3. You are so beautiful! I wish I could look half (or a tenth, or one percent) as pretty as this pregnant! <3

    • beth

      You’re sweet, but you’re beautiful both pregnant & not!

  4. Ashley

    You are showing really early! Are you sure you aren’t having twins? 😉 I have a 6′ tall size 4 Asian friend who is about 4 weeks ahead of you and she is barely showing at all. I don’t mean to make you feel fat, it’s just so interesting how each pregnancy is different.

    • beth

      Ash, I totally thought I was before the ultrasound!!! 🙂 I take no offense at all! It is weird how women carry so differently. I have a friend who’s pregnant with her second child and almost two weeks ahead of me. She’s barely showing a hint of a baby, which is one of the reasons JP keeps ogling my belly. (So I probably shouldn’t sucker punch him too hard!)

  5. You look gorgeous!

    • beth

      You are very kind!

  6. Jacquie Ellis

    You are hysterical and beautiful!!! Love you!

    • beth

      I’m only hysterical because you’re so willing to laugh! 😉 Love you too!!

  7. Sue Goodson

    oh my word I love you!!!! thank you for letting us all share in this journey with you!!!

    • beth

      Thanks Sue! Love you too!!

  8. Carolyn Trucano

    All those TV episodes of “Star Trek” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” paid off! It was hysterical, and I agree with Sarah “the joys of exploring strange new levels of emotional instability”.

    • beth

      Thanks!! 🙂

  9. Debbie Filosa

    Congratulations! We are so happy and excited for you! Praying for you as you go through the journey of pregnancy and prepare to be parents. You will make a great mommy! Love ya!

    • beth

      Thank you Debbie!! Love you too!!

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