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Life Lately

Haters gonna hate. But I’m glad she’s still around to do it.
haters gonna hate

Dumb things make me happy. Like yarn organization.

My dog is weird.
my crazy girl

Auto-correct tried.
soapy thugs

Reconnaissance is still going good. If you own a copy of Let Me Fall, make sure to enter your name, city, and state for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!
progress report number 2

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  1. Ash

    Soapy thugs will get ya everytime…’s the bubbles….oooooh

    • beth


  2. Debbie S. Richardson

    Debbie S. Richardson
    Conway, South Carolina

    • beth

      Thanks Debbie. 🙂

  3. Amanda Roehm

    Amanda Roehm.
    Pelion, South Carolina

    • beth

      Thanks Amanda!

  4. Love the yarn organization! Those owls are awesome!

    • beth

      Why thank you! 🙂

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