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Dear 00’s Beth,

This is the last of a three-part series on what I would say to the Beth of the past.

* Watch SNL to learn about Mom Jeans. Then avoid them at all costs.

* Keep the 19” TV with the penny for an on/off button as long as possible. Think of it as a cool conversation piece; because credit cards are not your friend.

* I don’t care if you feel silly, pop in a Jane Fonda VHS and get some exercise.

* The older you get, the darker your hair will become. Accept this as fact and forgo the highlights. You are terrible at keeping up with this.

* Research your accountant carefully. Get someone who actually knows what they’re doing so you’re not blind sighted when you end up owing the IRS for the first time.

* Yes, I’m aware you never really wanted to become a Realtor. But stop whining and go out there and do better. It won’t last forever.

* Talk less. Much, much less. Listen way more.

* Don’t get comfortable. Complacency is dangerous.

* Don’t despise taking inventory of your life. You won’t always be in a good place and that is okay. Knowing where you stand is better than living in a fog.

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  1. Amy Trucano

    wouldn’t it be great to have this advice in the time it is needed. i think often about times when I was incredibly selfish and wish I could go back and listen more, talk less, and support those I love when they needed it. and skip all those lame boyfriends except Joe!

  2. Carolyn Trucano

    I’m sure I should have talked less, too. However, the point that hit me was “don’t get comfortable”. The “complacency is dangerous” part is something I sat down a few days ago to discuss with my man – under the heading of “We’ve got to take a hard look at some lifestyle changes”. Those words can cause a shudder in your heart and soul that will echo forever.

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